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کری تحصیل گجرات ضلع گجرات

ملک مدثر عرف میجر ,

ملک مدثر عرف میجر ولد صوبیدارمحمد افضل

Muhammad Yasin Malik ,

Kurree Sharif is a large sized village of district Gujrat , which is located about 45 KMs North East from Gujrat City. Its population is around 8000. People are friendly and living in peace with each other. It is a beautiful village which is just 1 KM from Marala Headworks. It has mix of casts and people enjoy good relations with eachother.

chaudary Muhammad Aslam ,

Kurri sharif situated near the chanab river famous berrage in Pakistan head marala it is near the road lead to gujrat and sialkot people of kurri sharif mostly farmers generation doing different job all over the country cities including capital of the country some of related to the bussniss Some of in defence ìn key position village have pimary school for boys school for girls sialkot is far from village about twenty four km and gujrat about fourty km it is famous village of tehsill gujrat transportation available round the clock all the facilities are available

بلاول جٹ , خلیل پور

کری بہت بڑا گاؤں ہے یہ دریائے چناب کےقریب واقع ہے. یہاں کےلوگ بہت اچھےہیں اورایک دوسرےکےکام آتے ہیں.

ملک ساقیب , گجرات

آپ کا بہت شکریہ

ملک ارشد شاکی , سعودی عرب ( ینبوع)

آپ کا بہت شکریہ کے آپ نے یہ کارنامہ سر انجام دیا ہے،اللہ آپ کو اور ترقی عطا کرے آمین، اب ہر کوئی اپنے اپنے گاؤں کے بارے میں اظہار کر سکے گا، میں اِنشاءاللہ جلدی انفارمیشن آپ لوڈ کروں گا،