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سینتھل تحصیل کھاریاں ضلع گجرات

Javaid Iqbal Chaudhary Dammam KSA ,

The name of my beautiful village is Sainthal. It is a large size village of Dist Gujrat Teh, Kharian. Which is located about 15 to 20 km north east side from kharian. it population is around about 7000 thousand people , people are friendly and living in peace with each other. it is a beautiful village .In Sainthal living every cost but Jatt are in majority .In the east side of Sainthal, Budu chack in th west Nothia , north Jantla and in the west Kulak is situated. Javaid Iqbal Chaudhary . Dammam KSA

Javaid Iqbal Chaudhary ,

The name of my beautiful village is Sainthal . It is situated atleast 15 to 20 km of the east side of Teh, Kharian.Befor this i write about the Glorious personalities passed away in the history of Sainthal. To day i will write about the very popular game past and now in the history of sainthal. Mr muhammad Ghulam Sarwer and Mr. muhammed Ilyas Lider about 30 to 35 Years ago introduced the cricket game in Sainthal guys .One thing i want to mention here is especialy , very soon within two to three years Sainthal cricket team became a very strong team of Teh,Kharian.That time Sainthal cricket team win the many tournament from Manglia Malka Hussam TRB Guliana Kharian Cantt, the main team member was Khurseed Anwer Butt Aziz Anwer butt , Muhammad Idrees Hafiz Mazhar Abbas Abdul Munaf Muhammad Saleem Muhammad Fiaz Mehar Was a funney Player Mehmood Ahmed Muhammad Hanif Muhammad Nawaz Almaroof Captain , I was junior in this team members but i alaways remain the part of team as a opining Batisman. Muhammad munir Sub Major Ashiq Hussain and Syed Qazim Abbas were the main supporter of the team . Syead Qammer Abbas was a qualified empir .I requested here the public representive s M N A Chaudhary Abid Raza and MPA Chaudhary Shabbir Hussain provied a play ground in Sainthal . Javaid Iqbal Chaudhary

Javaid Iqbal Chaudhary ,

The name of my beautiful village is Sainthal .About Five thousand people live in our village.The Main occupation of the people is Agriculture .There are many Educated men in our village Some of them hold the offices every department Pak Army Post office Health Teaching Law Railway Wapda under the Government of Pakistan .There are two middle School,s in our village on e for Boys and the other one for Girls . The teaching staf of the both school,is very coprative and highly Educated and doing there duties very well.There are two Doctors in my village serving the villager,s Dr. Muhammad Rasheed and Dr. muhammad Riaz. The other people serving other Government departments are Mr. Pervaiz Akhter i also mention here Mr. Pervaia Akhter is the First Master Digree holder in the history of Sainthal. Mr. Muhammad Abbas teaching Mr. Muhammad Muneer Civil Engioner . Chaudhary Muhammad Safder Ex Voice Chairman Union Council Baghawal, Chaudhary Khan Bakhadar Advocate. There are Ex . most brilient personalities in the history of Sainthal are Sub. Ghulam Nabi , Honrary Cap. Muhammad Nazir Hussain . Chaudhary Muhammad Yousaf . Chaudhary Baba Murad Ali. Chaudhary Baba Khan . Chaudhary Fazal Hussain. Chaudhary Baba Sadiq Hussain .Chaudhary Baba Nazir Hussain . ChaudharyMuhammad.Munsha .Master Muhammad Yousaf . Chaudhary Ghulam Haider Great Contribution in Jamia Masjid Sainthal .More iformation about sainthal Insha Allah i will write soon.. Thanks Every Body. Chaudhary Javaid Iqbal Sainthal

عاطف جٹ ,

میری گورنمنٹ سےاپیل ہےکہ ہمارے گاوں میں ایک عددواٹرسپلای کی ضرورت ہے مہربانی فرماکر ایک عددواٹرسپلای لگاکردی جائے

چوھدری محمد منیبر , سنتھل

بہت جلد مبرے پبارے گاؤں کی تاربخ جغرافبہ اور تصاوبر دبکھنے کو ملبں گی